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Meridian Movement Method 1

Meridian Movement Method (略してM3)は、Integrative Movement Assessment & Conditioning(IMAC)で分かっていることを元に動きを作っていったのですが、では、IMACとどう関係しているのでしょうか?




つまり、脾経の動きを行うと、母趾外転筋、外側広筋、内転筋群、内腹斜筋、内肋間筋、広背筋、前鋸筋の全てが短縮位になるようにM3では考えられています。かなりマニアックでしょう?!笑 その動画がこちらです。




The Meridian Movement Method (M3 for short) was created based on what I found with Integrative Movement Assessment & Conditioning (IMAC), so what kind of information has been discovered through IMAC?

First, I discovered when a magnet is placed on an acupuncture point, particularly the one called the source point(原点, Yuan point) of each meridian (it is not related to SourcePoint Therapy, but what a coincidence isn’t it?!), the range of motion (ROM) related to that particular meridian changes. I can change to increase ROM or decrease ROM based on which polarity of the magnet (S or N) I use.

Based on that information, I created a state in which "restrictions" appear for ROM, and investigated which ROM get restricted in relation to each meridian. Since each muscle is related to each ROM, I created a "map" to summarize all related muscles and ROM for all 12 main meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians. Here is an example of the Spleen Meridian.

M3 is a method to move all muscle groups related to each of 12 main meridians based on this map. For example, when the movement of the spleen meridian is performed, it is made to contract the abductor hallucis, vastus lateralis, adductors, internal oblique, internal intercostal, latissimus dorsi, and serratus anterior muscles.

It is kind of complicated, isn’t it?

It is difficult to know each muscles and each movements in detail unless you are quite familiar with the functional anatomy and kinesiology. IMAC focuses on learning that. However, if you look at kinesiology in a very detailed and complicated manner, few people can actually be able to use as a movement method. Therefore, M3 describes each muscles’ movement and position instead of lists of muscles and ROMs so that more people can actually use this information and feel in their own body.

In summary, what I try to make with M3 is a movement method that is easy enough to be used by most of people, however, the foundation of the information is reproducible by anybody and based on mechanical understanding of the physical body through anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.

I hope many people can benefit from the discovery of this work!! Yes, I am planning and starting the process of translating this work to English!





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