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SourcePoint Therapy Module 3

We had SourcePoint Therapy Module Three training last week with Donna and Bob, founders of SourcePoint Therapy, at TEN. This was the first Module Three with people who had taken module one and two taught by me, so I was a little bit worried to see how everybody came back and performed sessions. It turned out people did pretty well. I was really glad to see that because once they have the fundamentals right, then they can deepen what they have already learned and they can access a better field for working in Module Three.

From my experience, SourcePoint Therapy is a simple approach to healing and energy work, but it is not easy to attain the information and technique by just attending the class once. In other words, it looks easy and it is easy to imitate things that are taught during the class, but it is hard to actually be (not do) in the way that is intended because how you present in yourself does matter with practicing SourcePoint. In SourcePoint Therapy, we talk about “getting out of the way”. To understand what it means is not so hard, but to actual be neutral and not get in the way of the process is hard to do (or be). Certainly, it takes some time for people to mature that sense, obviously for me, and I hope that many more people would dive deeper into a field to explore what this means and what happens when you are getting out of the way. What takes over if you are getting out of the way? Why can the body shift and change although you are not actively trying to change something? The SourcePoint has not yet made me bored after nine years of practice, and I continue finding something new every time I do session!