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SourcePoint Therapy Module 3

We had SourcePoint Therapy Module Three training last week with Donna and Bob, founders of SourcePoint Therapy, at TEN. This was the first Module Three with people who had taken module one and two taught by me, so I was a little bit worried to see how everybody came back and performed sessions. It turned out people did pretty well. I was really glad to see that because once they have the fundamentals right, then they can deepen what they have already learned and they can access a better field for working in Module Three.

From my experience, SourcePoint Therapy is a simple approach to healing and energy work, but it is not easy to attain the information and technique by just attending the class once. In other words, it looks easy and it is easy to imitate things that are taught during the class, but it is hard to actually be (not do) in the way that is intended because how you present in yourself does matter with practicing SourcePoint. In SourcePoint Therapy, we talk about “getting out of the way”. To understand what it means is not so hard, but to actual be neutral and not get in the way of the process is hard to do (or be). Certainly, it takes some time for people to mature that sense, obviously for me, and I hope that many more people would dive deeper into a field to explore what this means and what happens when you are getting out of the way. What takes over if you are getting out of the way? Why can the body shift and change although you are not actively trying to change something? The SourcePoint has not yet made me bored after nine years of practice, and I continue finding something new every time I do session!

SPT class picture: demo


What do we do in SourcePoint Training?

Well, we learn techniques and informations to help other people and ourselves. I think the most profound aspect of the training is allowing your awareness to open and becoming able to perceive things differently. We simply hold points, lines, and blockages and do not get in the way of the body shifting and healing itself by aligning more with the Blueprint of the human health; however, it is amazing how hard it is to JUST do that 😂

We meditate and SourcePoint practice is like a meditation. Bringing your attention to your breath and focus on it with open awareness can have profound effects on your health. “Mindfulness” is something getting popularity these days, but how can you access the mindfulness? You do not have to THINK or TRY to be mindful, but just being AWARE is the state of mindfulness. It is kind of hard to achieve the state because you cannot actively become mindful (in my opinion). You can bring your focus to the breath and be receptive first so that your mind becomes quiet and clam, then your thoughts and feelings just appear and disappear like clouds in the sky. Once you are in that state, you can just be aware of all things happening. This state does not feel neither active nor passive. It is just being aware.

During the classes, we also access a field to work through the morning meditations and holding points we learn with SourcePoint during exchange sessions. The field we access as a context and the sessions help us to become more sensitive to our perception and open our awareness. If you become aware of your daily activities or your own body in a way that you are not aware ordinarily, then you can shift naturally. Yes, you do not have to try to change, but you just change because your perception is already shifted through experiencing a different state of your consciousness. That experience is very powerful and could be life changing. Of course, that condition often brings the healing and resolution to the long-held problems or issues within the body. Certainly SourcePoint changed my perspective with my life, so here I am, still TRYING TO UNDERSTAND what changed my life 😆

It was so grateful to witness how eighteen people went through their own processes during the class. As Donna and Bob said during the class, I also could not believe how this happened. Ten years ago, I was an athletic trainer who specialized in the health care system from the Sports Medicine perspective, and I would never have imagined doing this kind of work then. It is still somewhat unrealistic for my conceptual mind, but it is so real what people experience and what I experience. The life is full of mystery for sure!

Congratulations to those who finished basic SourcePoint Therapy Training!! I wish that everyone continues the exploration and that this work spreads and helps people all over Japan! Thank you Donna and Bob for bringing this work to this world!











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